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Starting January 22nd - New Winter Storm Drum Aerobic Class - New Class Options

Register by calling 231.439.6370. Or come a few minutes early to class to register.

For the Next Five Weeks - Enjoy the ‘Winter Storm Payment Schedule” !

  • Option 1:  Sign up for the class now (remaining weeks left) – 1 time/ week (either T or Th) Example:  starting Jan 22nd for five weeks = $50

  • Option 2:  Sign up for the class now – 2 times per week (both T and Th)

                     Example: starting Jan. 22 for five weeks = $100

  • Option 3:  Drop-in for one class anytime = $15

Drum Aerobic Class:  Participants are guided to drum and move for a total body-toning and cardio workout in this six-week moderate-to-intense rhythmic class.  The movements can be modified for people of all ages and differing abilities.  The stability ball acts as a power drum with the use of lightly-weighted drumsticks.  Join Lynn Turner, executive director of the Northern Michigan Drum Village, who contends that if you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm."

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm -- January 22 - February 21st. .  Location NCMC gym - lst floor court 1A.  Register by calling: 1.231.439.6370.