Bois Blanc Island Drum Circle

July 6, 2018  Hoover Building, Bois Blanc Island

A fun group gathered and created some great energy at the Hoover Building Friday night.  Brianna was a first-time African djun-djun player and did GREAT!  She held the back beat for the group throughout the night.  She even added some dancing flare around the djuns!  The youngest (and initially reluctant) participant was about to turn three years old.  He had great shaker action during his moment of participation.  Peggy brought items that could be percussive instruments such as the good old wooden shoe stretcher.  Yes, just about anything can be a drum or percussive instrument, right?  Sure enough and she really rocked on with that.  

As I loaded the drums on the boat the next day, a number of people noted that they would have gone but didn't know it was that night.  Well, here is the good news -- there will be another Drum Circle on August 11th on the Island.  Thanks to Kathy Brown, Director of Bois Blanc Island Parks and Recreation Department, for coordinating and organizing the events.